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ABAD Quarterly Watch — Q4 2023

The Hope of Christ

Why is hope referenced all throughout Scripture? We face many challenges and difficulties in our lives and in the world around us. Without hope, the pressures and heartaches we see can be overwhelming and discouraging. The hope Christ gives us draws us into a closer connection with our Father and reminds us of His faithfulness and promises to His people.

The biblical concept of hope doesn’t focus on outward circumstances. Despite the fact that situations seem impossible, we can choose to hope because of Christ who lives in us. As followers of Christ, we have the hope and promise of eternal life. Part of our responsibility is to share this great message of hope with the world.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have. — 1 Peter 3:15

As a result of your generosity, support, and prayers, we are now supporting twenty-five cross-cultural missionaries working in six countries throughout Asia. Your partnership is vital in reaching the nations and changing lives around the world. Thank you for partnering with us and supporting our mission. Our prayer is that we will continue to share the hope of Christ by helping fund missionaries and building up Christ’s kingdom.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2024.


Eben Tabelisma

Cofounder, A Buck a Day



In the late 1950s, Dr. Richard Wehrman and his wife, Eva, moved from the United States to the Philippines to answer God’s call to be missionaries. They began their ministry in the northern provinces of the Philippines and were outstanding evangelists and stewardship development mentors. They learned four different Filipino dialects that were useful in engaging many Filipinos.

Eben’s grandmother was one of the fruits of their ministry. She shared the good news to Eben’s dad, who also became a believer. As Dr. Wehrman discipled him, Eben’s dad grew in faith. He went on to serve the Methodist congregation for forty-one years as a pastor. Check out this video for more detailed stories.

Like Eben and his family, many others are products of missionary work. Most followers of Christ can trace their faith back to someone sharing the gospel with them. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the Wehrmans and to all the missionaries who have dedicated themselves to serving others and sharing their faith so that many may hear the good news.

Below are a few pictures Eben and Malou took last year when they visited Dr. Wehrman in Middleburg, Florida.



Lives Changed in India

Amy, who serves in various parts of India, continues to reach numerous people by leading Bible studies, training and equipping local workers, and developing local networks.

Reaching a Nation through a Local

Gao is one of the first students that Jeff and Faith ministered to since they started their youth ministry eight years ago in Thailand.

Gao belongs to the Hmong tribe and comes from an Animist Buddhist background. When he began discipleship, he started getting involved in youth ministry and eventually graduated from missions school in 2020. He currently works with the ThaSai community outreach program of AMO.

He recently shared his testimony at church and described how God used him to pray over a man who was possessed with evil spirits. As he prayed over the man, he believed that even a little faith could bring a miracle, and the spirits were cast out, setting the man free. His testimony was very powerful and was evidence of our God's faithfulness.

Continuing Work in the Philippines

Arnel’s ministry work in the Philippines involves reaching out to police authorities, teaching children and youth, and training future leaders.

Thank You from Our Missionaries!

We are grateful for your support and partnership!

Thailand Missionaries

Man Ghale from Nepal

Prabhat and Augustine from India

Arnel from the Philippines



Reaching the Nations through Our City

Eben and Malou hosted international students from Bangladesh on Thanksgiving Day. They all study at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.


We have a new partner to distribute GOMakeDisciples products in the Philippines. We were connected with Jonas Gabriel Pangan through one of our ABAD partners. Gabriel is a faithful husband and father who serves in the Methodist community. We are grateful for this new partnership and pray that the brand will grow and expand in the Philippines.

Brand with a Mission

GOMakeDisciples is designed to inspire Christ’s followers to keep pursuing God’s call to make disciples of all nations. There is nothing like showing the WHY of what we do and the WHO that we do it for.

Online Stores

In the US:

In the Philippines:

Stay Up to Date with Us

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Our goal is to support missionaries’ efforts to reach every nation with the truth of God’s love. Your faithful partnership helps make our mission possible. We greatly appreciate you!

Please stand with us in faith and prayer for the following:

  • For the video project for the GOMakeDisciples brand.

  • For the ongoing trainings of new missionaries under the RACE program through AMO Foundation.

  • For distribution partners of GOMakeDisciples merchandise in South Africa, South Korea, and Canada.

  • For ABAD to be connected with local churches in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • For the expansion of the GOMakeDisciples store.

  • For the growth and fruitfulness of the missionaries we support as well as the protection of their health and wellbeing as they continue to serve their communities.

  • That ABAD will have more individual and corporate partners in order to support more missionaries.

"No higher honor could be imagined than to be an instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ, to be at His disposal for the furtherance of His purposes, to be available whenever wanted for His service." (John Stott, 20th century theologian)


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