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ABAD Quarterly Watch — Q2 2021

Updated: Mar 22

Greetings from the A Buck a Day team!

Our best wishes go out to all of you.

There are many inspiring missionary stories from the 20th century, including that of five US missionaries who tried to bring Christianity to the Huaorani people of Ecuador's rainforest in the mid-1950s. From Wikipedia: "The Huaorani, also known as Aucas (the Quechua word for "savages"), were an isolated tribe known for their violence against both their people and outsiders who entered their territory. The five missionaries were known as the Auca Five, and though their death was initially perceived as a tragedy by many, God's providence enabled them to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. The gospel eventually reached the Aucas through the wives of the Auca Five, and all the men who had murdered the missionaries became leaders of the Auca church. God is wonderful in his ability to bring victory out of the depths of tragedy. The Auca Five did not die in vain. Our mission at A Buck A Day is to support missionaries willing to go anywhere the gospel is needed and engage believers to build up Christ's kingdom.

Time with Our Missionaries

Eben spent time with A Buck A Day’s missionaries through video calls. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from and interact with them.

This year, five missionaries have been added to the fourteen ABAD supports.

A New Follower of Christ

Ruby, is one of our missionaries in Thailand. Last November, Pi Pon, a local Thai, accepted Jesus Christ and now helps in the Chiang Khong ministry where Ruby is serving. Here’s her testimony:

Updates from India

India is currently the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic. The number of deaths and cases continue to increase each day. There are lockdowns in most areas, and businesses and offices have been closed. Through Prabhat, the missionary we support in India, ABAD was able to take part in their efforts to help some of the families affected. Here's an update to share with you.

Continuing Efforts

Amy, another missionary in India, traveled back to the Philippines to visit her family before the second wave of coronavirus hit. Despite being stuck and unable to return to the mission field, she is still in contact with her team in India and continues the work she started. Here’s an update from Amy.

Thank You for Your Partnership

Our mission is possible because of your faithful partnership. We greatly appreciate you. We seek to support the continuity and sustainability of missionaries’ work in sharing the truth of God’s love to all the world.

Please stand with us in faith and prayer for the following:

  • For the health of Dr. Wehrman, the missionary who shared the gospel with Eben’s family.

  • For the expansion and success of the GOMakeDisciples.Store.

  • For the growth and fruitfulness of A Buck A Day's missionaries, as well as the protection of their health as they continue to serve their communities during the current pandemic.

  • That ABAD will have more individual and corporate partners so that more missionaries will be well supported.

"No higher honor could be imagined than to be an instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ, to be at his disposal for the furtherance of his purposes, to be available whenever wanted for his service." (John Stott, a 20th century theologian)

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