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ABAD Quarterly Report — Q4 2021

Updated: Mar 22

One-Way Missionary

In the early 19th century, a courageous group of Christians packed up a few belongings, not in suitcases but in coffins, to go to the mission field. They were called "one-way missionaries." A.W. Milne and his wife were one of them. The Milnes sailed to the New Hebrides tribe in the South Pacific where they would live 35 years with indigenous people. This tribe was known to martyr every missionary before them. Their goal was to share the love of Christ and to offer the gospel of light in the midst of a dark world. When he died, the village inscribed this epitath on his tombstone: "When he came there was no light. When he left there was no darkness." 

A British revivalist once challenged his hearers on answering the call of God. He said, "The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him."

Reaching the Next Generation

Edwin Ryan and Rachel are two passionate youth leaders in the Philippines that ABAD supports. Together they seek to influence the next generation. Despite the challenges due to the pandemic, their ministry is thriving and growing. One of the church planting organizations where they received training also featured their work. Click here to read more.

Update from Nepal

RHMI is one of the mission organizations ABAD supports. They train and equip local Nepalese as part of their strategy to reach the Himalayan Regions. Haron Adrian leads their ministry, which is growing and expanding.

More Open Doors

"Every heart that does not have Christ is a mission field." Jeff and Faith, the missionaries ABAD supports in Thailand, follow this motto in their ministry. Many doors are opening as they continue to visit the homes of the students they are teaching. They also have the opportunity to minister to more than twenty Filipino teachers who they help mobilize to spread the gospel and engage in community outreach.

Thank You Messages from the Missionaries

Nepal — Bikash

India — Ranjan

Thailand — The Panaligans

Thailand — Sherwin & Chelsea

Thailand — Camille

Visit to Virginia

In October, Eben and Malou had the opportunity to visit Susana Wesley United Methodist Church in Virginia. We are grateful to Pastor Tom Tipton for allowing Eben to share the vision of A Buck A Day and display the GOmakedisciples merchandise.

GOMakeDisciples Merchandise Is Now Available in the Philippines!

Click the Shopee button below to check it out. All profits support the mission of ABAD.

Thank You!

Your faithful partnership makes our mission possible. We greatly appreciate you. We seek to support missionaries' efforts to reach all peoples with the truth of God's love.

Please stand with us in faith and prayer for the following:

  • For ABAD to be connected with the local churches in Nashville, TN.

  • For the expansion of the GOMakeDisciples.Store.

  • For the growth and fruitfulness of A Buck A Day's missionaries as well as the protection of their health as they continue to serve their communities during the current pandemic.

  • That ABAD will have more individual and corporate partners so that more missionaries will be well supported.

"No higher honor could be imagined than to be an instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ, to be at his disposal for the furtherance of his purposes, to be available whenever wanted for his service." (John Stott, a 20th century theologian)


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