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ABAD Quarterly Watch — Q4 2022

Updated: Mar 22

Thank you for your partnership.

As the 2022 year comes to a close, I look back on all that God has done through our organization and am thankful for your partnership this past year.

Psalm 106:1, one of my favorite Bible verses, says:

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

I thank God for your generosity and support in helping us serve missionaries and empower believers to be involved in building up Christ’s kingdom. Our hope and prayer is that these updates encourage you as you see how your partnership continues to impact the lives of people in Asia.

We look forward to what God is going to do in the coming year. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Eben Tabelisma

Cofounder, A Buck a Day



Titus Coan, an American missionary to Hawaii, was converted during a Charles Finney revival in New York. After completing his studies at Auburn Seminary and receiving his license to preach, he traveled to Hawaii in 1834 with a vision of Hawaiians coming to faith in Christ.

After learning the native Hawaiian language, Coan made it his goal to meet with every person on a specific island called Hilo and share his faith. He made an extended evangelistic tour of the island in 1836, which produced dramatic results. By 1853, fifty-six thousand of the seventy-one thousand native Hawaiians were professing Christians.

Coan’s devotion to Christ and reaching the Hawaiians created a great revival in Hawaii that impacted so many lives. He devoted the remainder of his life to ministering and sharing the Gospel to people in Hawaii and was laid to rest on the island he served and loved.

We are grateful for the many missionaries who dedicated their lives to serving and sharing their faith so that others may learn the good news of the Gospel.



Reaching the Next Generation

Jeff and Faith are missionaries who serve in Thailand. Their heart is to reach the next generation. They hosted a two-day camp where they engaged and served kids, creating opportunities to share the Gospel and have moments of healing.

Back on the Mission Field

After 29 months of being away from the field due to pandemic restrictions, Amy finally reunited with her local team in India. The pictures below were taken at their Mohali mission base as they celebrated the sixth year anniversary of their house church.

Three New Missionaries

We’re excited to welcome three new cross-cultural missionaries that ABAD supports—two of which are Filipinos and one Cambodian. AMO Foundation, our mission partner in Thailand, will train them for the next twelve months under the RACE (Restricted Access Countries Equipping) program. Their assignment will be in Laos, a predominantly Buddhist nation with more than 7 million people. Among the ways in which they are being trained is through sustainable farming.

We’re thankful for their heart for missions and stand in faith with them as they complete their training and start their ministries.

Sharing Encouragement in Thailand

Our mission partners in the Philippines and founders of Coalition for Global Mission, Bishop Ed and Ate Yolly, brought GOMakeDisciples shirts from ABAD to our missionaries in Thailand. Their goal was to provide encouragement and also spend time with them as they carried out their respective ministry duties.



Together for One Purpose

Three years ago, Bishop Ed, Bishop Ariel, and Eben met together in Atlanta, Georgia, with no particular reason besides spending time with each other. Little did they know that God was orchestrating something within them through the organizations they had started separately.

In the Philippines, Bishop Ed founded the Coalition for Global Mission, an organization dedicated to raising Filipino missionaries for Asia. Bishop Ariel established the AMO Foundation in Thailand, which trains and deploys missionaries in Asia. And Eben founded A Buck a Day with the purpose of supporting cross-cultural missionaries financially.

God intertwined their relationships for one purpose: to share the Gospel of Christ with the unreached nations in Asia.

We are thankful for Bishop Ed and Bishop Ariel and for their obedience to God’s call. We cherish the friendships and partnerships we have with them.

Visiting Dr. Wehrman

Eben and Malou had a chance to spend time with Dr. Richard Wehrman, the American missionary who shared the Gospel with Eben’s family (you can view the story on our website). One of the highlights of their conversation was updating him on ABAD’s mission work. As he will turn 93 in January, his mind is still focused on God’s global mission. His life is an inspiration to us all!

GOMakeDisciples Launches in the Philippines

CCT-Tindahan para sa Bayan, our new partner with our GOMakeDisciples merchandise in the Philippines, launched their online store last October. Our goal is to share this product with churches and individuals and continue to empower them to engage in building up Christ’s kingdom. We invite you to visit their online stores at:

Stay Up to Date with Us

If you’d like to view past newsletters and keep up to date with what’s going on with A Buck a Day, visit our website below!



Our goal is to support missionaries’ efforts to reach every nation with the truth of God’s love. Your faithful partnership helps make our mission possible. We greatly appreciate you!

Please stand with us in faith and prayer for the following:

  • For the on-going training of the new missionaries under the RACE program through AMO Foundation.

  • For ABAD to be connected with local churches in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • For the expansion of the GOMakeDisciples store.

  • For the growth and fruitfulness of the missionaries we support as well as the protection for their health as they continue to serve their communities.

  • That ABAD will have more individual and corporate partners in order to support more missionaries.

"No higher honor could be imagined than to be an instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ, to be at his disposal for the furtherance of his purposes, to be available whenever wanted for his service." (John Stott, 20th century theologian)

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