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ABAD Quarterly Watch — Q2 2024

No matter the cost!

This year marks A Buck a Day’s fifth anniversary, and we’re amazed at what God has done through us these past five years. As we reach the halfway point of this year, we look forward to seeing God move through the lives of people in Asia and around the world.

Let’s hold tight to our God’s faithfulness, for He remains faithful to His word. As Isaiah says:

When the time is right, I, the LORD, will make it happen. — Isaiah 60:22

We are grateful for your prayers and generous financial support as we continue to support missionaries in their ongoing efforts to reach the nations of Asia.

We hope this quarterly update inspires you as you continue to serve our God.


Eben Tabelisma

Cofounder, A Buck a Day



Jonathan Goforth was the first Presbyterian missionary to China, serving almost forty-seven years. His heart for evangelism sparked a revival in early twentieth-century China.

Born and raised on a farm in Ontario, Canada, Goforth felt God calling him to China after hearing a sermon from G. L. Mackey, a Presbyterian missionary to Formosa (Taiwan). After reading a copy of The Memoirs of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Goforth devoted his life to leading the unsaved to Christ and began studying missions.

In 1885, Goforth began serving the Toronto Mission Union, where he met his wife, Rosalind. In 1888, after receiving a call for a missionary to go to China, Goforth and his wife left their lives in Canada to spread the gospel in a foreign land. They settled in Changde, a city in the northwest Hunan province, where their ministry flourished.

Through his faithfulness, many were reached, and the church they established grew exponentially. Because of Goforth’s passion for evangelism, other regions in China began asking for their help, and many more lives were reached for the gospel. His heart for the lost impacted China forever.

Goforth continued preaching the gospel even after returning to Canada in 1934 due to health reasons. On October 7, 1936, after preaching a sermon on “How the Spirit’s Fire Swept Korea,” Goforth was called home and died peacefully in his sleep.

His favorite Bible verse serves as a reminder to us of who we must lean on as we continue to share the gospel with those around us:

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. — Zechariah 4:6



Inspiring Others to Go Make Disciples

Jeff and his wife, Faith, have been serving faithfully as missionaries in Thailand. During a recent visit to the Philippines, Jeff had the opportunity to speak at a church about the importance of realigning ourselves to God, our destiny, and our calling. This message convinced a man in the congregation who had been waiting a long time for God to confirm that he was called to be a pastor. It’s amazing to see how God speaks to us through the people he sends. Here’s a quote that Jeff shared during his sermon:

Knowing Jesus is the starting point, the end goal is to make disciples.

Reaching a Community through Language

One way our missionaries reach their communities is by teaching them English. Camille, one of our missionaries in Thailand, and her team started an English program at a school in Mae Fa Luang, a town in the northern part of Chiang Rai province. What a great opportunity for the gospel to take root as they share the gift of a new language.

Lives Are Being Changed

Our missionary in India, Prabhat, continues to reach more people with the hope of Christ by training them through Bible School and teaching them to be disciples of Jesus. Many are being baptized, and lives are being changed.

No Matter the Cost

In 2020, we partnered with RHMI, whose passion is to reach every remote village in the Himalayan region with the light of the gospel. One way they do this is by training native Nepalese to be missionaries. Bringing the gospel to these unreached places is usually a seven to ten-day trek up mountains by local missionaries. But they are determined to share God’s hope, no matter the cost.



Another Visit with Dr. Wehrman

Recently, Eben and Malou were blessed to have another chance to visit Dr. Richard Wehrman, the missionary God used to share the gospel with the Tabelisma family. Click here to hear our story.

Spread the Message

Join us in spreading the message of GOMakeDisciples. The brand is designed to inspire Christ’s followers to keep pursuing God’s call to make disciples of all nations. There is nothing like showing the WHY of what we do and the WHO that we do it for.

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Stay Up to Date with Us

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Our goal is to support missionaries’ efforts to reach every nation with the truth of God’s love. Your faithful partnership helps make our mission possible. We greatly appreciate you!

Please stand with us in faith and prayer for the following:

  • For the video project for the GOMakeDisciples brand.

  • For distribution partners of GOMakeDisciples merchandise in South Africa and Canada.

  • For ABAD to be connected with local churches in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • For the expansion of the GOMakeDisciples store.

  • For the growth and fruitfulness of the missionaries we support as well as the protection of their health and wellbeing as they continue to serve their communities.

  • That ABAD will have more individual and corporate partners in order to support more missionaries.

"No higher honor could be imagined than to be an instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ, to be at His disposal for the furtherance of His purposes, to be available whenever wanted for His service." (John Stott, 20th century theologian)


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