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our role

A Buck a Day’s role as a fund facilitator is to help fund underfunded missionaries to reach the unreached, encourage followers of Christ to honor His last words to go and make disciples, and help facilitate the funding of a global harvest of souls.

the table analogy

We all have a role to play in the Great Commission. To illustrate this, we use the “table analogy.”

A Buck a Day provides the fundraising tool to sustain the financial support of those who go into the mission field (missionaries) by empowering and supporting those who send and mobilize them (missional churches and missions organizations).

Image by Akira Hojo

Missional Churches

& Organizations

The mission is to advance the kingdom of God, but the financial need is real. A consistent flow of financial support will allow churches and ministries to continue advancing the Great Commission for a long period of time.

Image by John Price
Image by Cassidy Rowell


One of the most powerful forces in the growth of the Christian faith over the centuries is the intentional sending of missionaries. Missionaries need a strong team of partners who will fully support their financial goal before they can go to their ministry assignments. By partnering with missions organizations, we will help these missionaries achieve their financial goal.

Image by Chang Duong
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